Dental Offices -The Use of PPE Per CDC Guidance for Exposure Prevention at Dr. Kathy Maasoumi DDS

The phrase “PPE per CDC guidance” has been in the news a lot lately. People are turning to the CDC to find out how to protect themselves from exposure to the coronavirus. Dentists are also tuned in to what the […] Continue Reading

Types of PPE per CDC Guidance Used by Dental Professionals at Dr. Kathy Maasoumi DDS

Dentists protect themselves from bacteria and viruses by using PPE per CDC guidance. The CDC has outlined different types of personal protection equipment (PPE) dentists should use. The CDC has announced more guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak. Find out what […] Continue Reading

How Dentists Protect Themselves From Infectious Disease Using PPE per CDC guidance

Dentists use PPE per CDC guidance to protect themselves when performing dental procedures. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, includes gowns, gloves and masks. The CDC has general guidelines for dentists and PPE. Also, it has issued extra guidelines for dentists […] Continue Reading

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Efforts and Emergency Dentistry Care

Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the American Dental Association has released guidelines for dental practitioners across the country. As of March 16, 2020, it is recommended that dentists delay all nonessential treatment and perform emergency procedures only. This is […] Continue Reading

Learn How a Lake Forest Restorative Dentist Can Repair Your Damaged Teeth

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How a Cosmetic Dentist in Lake Forest Can Improve Your Smile for Summer

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Facts About Modern Dentistry From Our Dental Office in Lake Forest

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When to Call an Emergency Dentist in Lake Forest

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Why an All-on-Four Implants Are an Easy Way to Improve Your Smile

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Learn About Services Offered in Our Dental Clinics

Patients who visit our dental clinics are greeted with a warm smile by our friendly staff.  We believe that everyone should feel at home and comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.  It is important to feel safe […] Continue Reading