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Daverette Cowans
[email protected]

My family has been under Dr. Maasoumi's dental care for over five years and I have never had a more professional and compassionate dentist. I've had a dental implant and braces and my smile is beautiful. My two younger sons have braces and have been given phenomenal care.

My oldest son lives in Puerto Rico was in California to attend a friends wedding and began to suffer dental problems. He had plane to catch on Monday, so we called Dr. Maasouimi's cell phone, she immediately scheduled an emergency appointment on a Sunday night. We left her office at 8:30 P.M. with unbelievable gratitude and satisfaction. She's fantastic.

Parviz Omidvar
[email protected]

I am from Atlanta GA and until 18 months ago I had been wearing partial dentures that fill the spaces of the 10 molars I had lost through time. As the cost of maintaining my remaining teeth was soaring, I decided to have the rest of my teeth extracted and get full dentures made for me. "There should not be much difference between wearing partial dentures and full dentures," I thought. "And this way I will not have to spend so much time and money just for the maintenance the rest of my teeth.

I discussed the matter with my dentist in Atlanta, and although he was reluctant at first, in the end he agreed to do it. He estimated that the cost of the project at around $10.000.

In the meantime I paid a visit to my relatives in Irvine, CA, and they suggested that I should seek the advice of their dentist, Dr. Masoumi, while I was there, which I did. When Dr. Masoumi examined my dental condition, she said that a) the roots of my remaining teeth were quite healthy, that b) I should keep my remaining teeth, and that c) she would be able to give me six implant and four (three implant-supported and the last teeth-supported) bridges, and all this for the same amount, total.

I immediately agreed!

I found Dr. Masoumi a highly professional dentist and very compassionate person. She took the time to answer any questions I had and she educated me about the details of my treatment plan.

Here entire staff is also professional, friendly, courteous and proficient in their jobs, and the clinic atmosphere is very comfortable.

Generally the service provided by Dr. Masoumi and her staff is outstanding. Thanks to Dr. Masoumi, now--after a year or so—I am enjoying the full benefit I received at her clinic.

[email protected]

Dr. Kathy Maasoumi has been the greatest!!!! She has done wonderful work on myself and my family. I refer people everyday to her office. Her staff are the greatest and are very helpful. She has made my smile look like a million bucks:) Thanks again for everything.